Sunday, March 9, 2008

Day 14 - Egg Albumen

Two weeks of vegan goodness just flew on by. I did have a slight snafu, and what would be the point of this blog if I did not come clean.

When I was shopping at Whole Foods last week, I got to the "meatless meat" section, and grabbed what I usually staples. But! I saw Yves lemon chicken veggie skewers and I thought ooohhhh I want to try those, so I bought them.

Flash forward a few days, and I am eating one skewer for lunch. It was almost too "meaty" for my tastes..but it was what it was supposed to be. After lunch, I log all of my food into a tracker (because I am also interested in portion control so I can drop some tonnage), and I am entering the data and read the ingredients.....egg heart sank.

What the hell is wrong with me?!? I usually read everything. I felt so defeated, almost as if I should start my challenge over again. I anticipated cravings and secret cheese binges, but never something as stupid and as avoidable as this.

I feel so down about this. I think it's because I am starting to see being vegan as an easy permanent choice. Now I know it's only been two weeks this time, but something in me feels different. I feel as strong of a conviction about being vegan as I did when I became a vegetarian. So, the accidental egg albumen felt like serious blow.

I need to get over it and concentrate on my bright future of compassionate eating, but I feel guilty and defeated.

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foodgloriousfood said...

Yves is so ridiculous - they used to have their products pure vegan, then they changed them and they now have egg content in some, not in others. go figure. so don't be too hard on yourself - your heart was in the right place.
i am really enjoying your blog - i am a 7 year vegan with pseudo veg tendencies for about 15 years prior to that (ie pescatarian / eat chicken if someone else is serving it / etc - you know the drill). you can do it no problem judging from what i have read so far - your level of enthusiasm and creativity is a sure sign of success. have fun!