Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Day 45 - The Things You Find

I have been a bad blogger. I require a flogger. Maybe I should just play Frogger. Okay, I'm finished.

A little over 1 week ago, one of my precious rats died a horrible death in my arms, and in the last few weeks, my father, who had a terrible stroke last June has mentally become considerably worse. Thems my excuses. I have been emotionally drained and on many days have not even turned on the computer.

But! I have not been a bad vegan. In fact, I am loving this third round at veganism! I have not given into cravings but have had to stretch my thinking and use more creativity.

There are so many products I never knew existed!! The daily staples I have down; fresh organic fruits and veggies, tofu, beans, brown rice, meatless meat substitutes, etc. But there are a few things...comfort foods....I never knew existed.

I was wandering around the store one day and thought, why isn't there a ready made vegan pot pie....and then there it was! Amy's Organics makes a killer vegan pot pie. And, bam! one less excuse to give into non-vegan cravings.

Also, when I get my period, and only then, I have insane cravings for milk chocolate. As a half-assed baby vegan I would allow such indulgences. But now that I am budding into a teenage vegan, I would never do such a thing. So, one night, my lovely husband and I started our search for a vegan chocolate indulgence. I know that online and in Los Angeles there are vegan chocolatiers, but this was an urgent need!!

My husband was such a doll, would not give up hope, and did manage to find a vegan dark melting chocolate. I thought, what the hell I'll try it. As we left the store, we saw a Guatemalan place across the street which serves fresh fruit plates and smoothies etc. We ventured over there and decided on a mix of bananas, apples, strawberries, papaya and pineapple. That night, I had the most decadent and satisfying chocolate-covered fruit.

That again was another amazing turning point for me. Being a food addict, I had the mind set that the only things that are tasty are also naughty..i.e. processed junk food. Those lovely pieces of fruity and chocolaty indulgence were sooooooooo much more delicious than any other milk chocolate I have ever had.

It is so freeing to be 100% vegan, I feel no guilt. I can breathe easier. I cannot express how wonderful it is for me to discover how truly easy it is to be vegan!

Day by day, the cravings seem to go away and little windows open to show me better ways to live...and on some days, doors open, and my life changes permanently.

I can't wait to see what else I find on this great journey!!