Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Love Affair With Cayenne Pepper

I often hear meat-eaters speak about how their stomach cannot handle spicy foods, and how the cure for and acidic stomach besides the money-making racket of antacids is a glass of cow milk.

Stanley Burroughs explained how meat affects the stomach in his book "The Master Cleanse":

"There is a sodium coating covering the entire inside wall of the stomach, which, if it remains intact, will prevent the digestive juices from digesting the stomach itself. However, when any form of flesh food enters the stomach, the meat attracts the sodium in the same way as the walls of the stomach. Some of the sodium is drawn from the walls and gathers around the meat, thus preventing the digestion of the meat in the stomach and at the same time depleting the sodium on the walls of the stomach. As one continues to eat meat and a deficiency of sodium in the diet occurs, the sodium lining is not being replaced on the walls of the stomach. The digestive juices then start digesting the stomach, producing what we call an ulcer. When this occurs, all orthodox methods to heal the ulcer fail completely."

Knowing this, it is a no-brainer why meat-eaters often cannot handle spicy foods.

Later on in the book, he discusses milk:

"Milk, being a predigested food, has been known to cause various complications in the stomach and colon, such as cramps and convulsions."

i.e. milk is a counter-intuitive "cure" for stomach ailments...

Now, for people who have experienced the pain of an ulcer, the next sentence may make you recoil. Cayenne pepper is the best cure for an ulcer. Yes, it's true! It removes the pain almost immediately...and the stronger the better.

I developed a stress ulcer in the months following my father's stroke. I was working 14 hour days and taking care of my father during the evenings....sleeping maybe 4 divided hours a night. I was a mess.

One morning I woke up and literally dropped to the floor gasping for air and screaming. I said to my mother...please dump a load of cayenne powder in some hot water and then drop and ice cube in it.

Now..the powder I was using is 275,000 heat units on the Scoville Heat Scale.

A brief interlude about the Scoville Heat Scale ~~ The Scoville Scale is a measure of the 'hotness' of a chilli pepper or anything derived from chilli peppers, i.e. hot sauce. The scale is named after Wilbur Scoville who developed the test in 1912.

~ A bell pepper rates 0
~ A jalapeno pepper rates 2,500 - 5,000
~ A cayenne pepper rates 30,000 - 50,000
~ A thai pepper rates 50,000 - 100,000

* there are methods to extract maximum capsaicin (what makes a pepper hot) as well as proprietary blends mixed specifically to increase the heat units

Back to the story....

15 minutes later, the pain was gone, and never returned. I took a strong dose of cayenne every day for a couple weeks, and it healed completely.

Also, when my father had a heart attack a few years ago, I made the a similar concoction. Within seconds, the heart attack stopped and his heart was beating strong and steady. Cayenne feeds the heart.

After my father's stroke, I used cayenne to rehabilitate his brain. Now, 8 months later, it is a common thing around our house to ask if dad has had his cayenne....and to know by how "dingy" he is if he has or not. Cayenne feeds the brain.

Cayenne improves circulation, heart and brain function, heals stomach and esophageal lesions, stops bleeding (internal or external), dissolves clots among a host of other phenomenal healing properties.

Always take powder in liquid or tinctures...never is too jarring to the stomach.


Around my house, cayenne is a staple and considered by everyone to be a natural miracle cure.

P.S. I am not employed or any way affiliated with Dr. Schulze or American Botanical Pharmacy. I just believe that his products have the highest potency and are the most natural. Many of my family members have been saved from surgery or sickness by one of his herbal remedies. You can't buy loyalty like that, but you can find cayenne in countless other natural foods/products stores.

*DISCLAIMER* I am not an Medical Doctor, this is merely my opinion. Please check with a trusted health practitioner before using cayenne pepper in high doses.

Day 4 - My Ratties

I'm vegan as vegan can be! No cravings....although I feel like I am detoxing more, and feeling a bit sluggish. I must up my elimination so I don't get too toxic.

On a sadder note, I have two hairless rats. My one love, Nacho, was diagnosed with cancer in December. He is still frisky and doing well, but I was listening to his lungs today and hear a popping sound. That can't be good. I spend several hours a day with him...but I will start watching him closer in case there are signs of suffering.

I have two dogs, 1 cat, 1 parrot, and 27 finches in a gigantic aviary, but out of all of them, and all of the countless other animals I have rescued and lived with, these little rats have taught me more about humanity, mortality and true fighting spirit than any other creature. Nacho is my hero! He will not go silently....he truly loves living.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Day 3 - Dairy Dreams

I checked my email this morning and there was an add for vaginoplasty. Now, being particularly blessed in the sacred nether regions, I could not figure out which email could have triggered an add for such a service. I thought deeply about it for 12 seconds or so, and came up with nothing. It's a va-jayjay mystery.

I had a dream last night that I was at some sort of catered event, and a crispy apple pie was set down in front of me and along side the pie...some sort of cheesecake cream (talk about attachment). Later on in the dream everyone cleared out and I watched myself open the container of cream and start to put it on the pie. In my head I thought well no one will see......but the person standing next to me (who was also me) thought ~ you are still ingesting animal products, who cares if no one sees! Then the second me yelled something like "Don't eat that....You've been vegan for 2 days, what's wrong with you?"

WTF was that? I woke up relieved that I had not eaten any animal products. You know now that I think about it, I had similar dreams about eating steaks when I became a vegetarian. I would wake up afraid I had eaten meat. The thought is so repulsive now.

Dear Vegan Goddess,

When am I going to finally feel a repulsion for cheese and cheese products?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Day 2 - Out With the Old

So I OCD'd for about 2 hours on the format, color, etc, and ended up with the template I originally selected. Grrrr I say! Grrrr...

On the food front, everything vegan for two days. It's never the first few weeks I have a problem with, it's the dairy cravings which rear their mucousy head in a month or so. I'm working on detoxing the animal products out of me, and LOVE Dr. Schulze products for this and other healthful goodies.

Superfood is something I have taken for years full of sea greens and vegan health. It is a powder you can make into a shake, but now it is available in tablet form as well....woo hoo!

Intestinal Formula #1 I take almost every night with dinner...number of capsules depends on the need. It is the greatest daily intestinal cleanser. It can be taken with Intestinal Formula #2 for a full colon more colonics! woo hoo as well. I have great cleansing stories, but I will save the crap talk for another day.

This as well as his detox tea, raw ginger, raw garlic, raw apple cider vinegar, plenty of water = gentle cleansing.

Also, I was looking for pictures to put on my profile/blog, and came across pictures of animals used for food. Maybe I should look at those pictures every makes me nauseous and oh so guilty. But, I carbo-loaded on pretzels, red pepper spread and creamy sheese to stuff -> down-> the -> pain. Glorious, right! :|

Food addiction need food to live. My mother was a severe alcoholic, but was always thin and beautiful. You know you're effed up when you are jealous of another addiction.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Day 1 - With Both Feet

I woke up this morning with Lindt Truffles and a giant Resees peanut butter cup next to my bed. I bought them a few days ago to enjoy them before I started my 6 months of veganism. Damnit! I forgot to eat I attempted to convince myself that I will start last decadent treat.

I didn't eat them...gave them to my mother. Today is one of my best friend's birthday, and I wanted a memorable start date.

But, this highlights why I'm not staying vegan. Something is significantly wrong with me if I am afraid to fail because I will give into my cravings for animal products + at the same time know that animals are harmed in the process of making these non-vegan foods, AND still manage to enjoy eating them.....or allow myself to eat them period!

I am in such desperate need to turn off that compulsive craving for unhealthy foods, and open my eyes to that temporary denial which seems to intoxicate me when I allow myself to eat something rotten....literally.

The two parts of me just don't connect...i.e. the animal activist and compulsive overeater. I must have a diplomacy meeting and make these two hold hands and play nice!