Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Day 17 - Colon Cleansing

I am so enamored with being a crunchy vegan....this journey has inspired me. And, being the brave pioneer I am, I decided this would be the perfect time to do a serious deep cleansing of my colon.

Thrilling, I know....but the thought of all those animal products parked in my processing tubes makes me feel like I am very toxic and unhealthy. Also, I have never followed a colon cleanse with strictly vegan food, so I am very excited to see what my energy levels will be like during and after.

Now, I am not new to the gentle yet pungent art of colon cleansing. As I teenager, I went to the Optimum Health Institute near San Diego, CA, several times, where we would eat raw vegan foods and do daily cholemas or colonics with shots of wheat grass. Yes, I was the only 16 year old I knew with my very own cholema board and rope strainer. I was very popular.

Over the last 10 years or so I have done several Dr. Schulze colon cleanses, but I just refuse to do colonics/cholemas anymore. I was always taught that you can never do any serious colon cleansing without the water in the booty treatments, so I always felt like I was doing a half-assed job. In an attempt to put my whole ass on the line....wacka wacka... I have tried Dr. Schulze's colon cleanse with the master cleanse, colon cleanse with raw foods....etc., etc. I have gotten decent results...definitely some old fecal matter, but nothing to fish out of la toilette and post on myspace.

This time, however, I have found a 90 day cleanse with all natural ingredients, AND! easy as pie to follow. Just 2-4 capsules in the morning depending on where you are in the cleanse....followed by a fiber shake which has the slight aftertaste of stevia and banana, and a cup of tea at night.

The testimonials are amazing!!

*WARNING* Graphic poop content...not for those with weak stomachs. 1 of this 90 day adventure. I hope to be offended and pleased at the results.

Mazel Tov!


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